Birders News

Date: 19-07-2023

Bed & Birding shaking hands with the East!

Written by: Pavel Simeonov

Our stand at the Global Bird Fair (the world's largest such event based in the UK) last week was a great success. From 14 to 16 July 2023, Bed & Birding made its first publicity campaign for the Eastern Birdfair (the exciting new hub for Eastern Birding, based in Bulgaria).

Bed & Birding is already established and respected internationally, boasting partners based in some of the most breathtaking and biodiverse areas of the world.  Now the Eastern Birdfair provides a unique opportunity to extend this successful model into the rapidly developing Eastern eco-tourism market.

If you are an Accommodation Provider or a Tour Company and wish to join our Bed & Birding platform, please complete our application form or just send an email of interest and we will give you more details about your discounted membership procedure: