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Date: 14-03-2023

Eastern Birdfair

Written by: Pavel Simeonov, regarding partner: Branta Birding Lodge



We are delighted to announce that 2024 will see the first ever Eastern Bird Fair that will open doors on the Black Sea shores of Durankulak, north-eastern Bulgaria.
Eastern Bird Fair is the exciting new hub for Eastern European birding and beyond.
Based in Durankulak in Bulgaria, on the border with Romania, both are the south-eastern most countries in the European Union.
The region has one of the richest avifauna of Europe so is not only the perfect location as the nucleus of Eastern European birding but is also the exit gateway beyond the East of Europe to Central Asia, the Caucasus and the Caspian Sea area.
For tour and accommodation providers the Eastern Birdfair will establish an east to west platform to aid collaboration and to transfer expertise and know-how from western companies to eastern companies and to make connections between west and east business partners and private customers.
Anyone interested, please see the link below: