Birders News

Date: 24-11-2021

British Bird Fair Gone to Roost

Written by: Pavel Simeonov & Paul Goriup

We are sorry to inform our Bed & Birding partners that we have received a letter from the Bird Fair organisers announcing the end of Bird Fairs at Rutland Water Nature Reserve.

We and many of you will have enjoyed this annual festival of birding. Not only did it provide a great melting pot to meet old friends and find new ones, it also provided a great place to explore new birding, books, equipment and accessories, as well as make business deals. That weekend in late August will be sorely missed.

Here we reproduce the letter which fully explains the reasons behind the decision. It also reminds us that in the world of urgent decarbonisation, the old travel paradigm will take some time to become sustainable and we all need to find new zero carbon business models of birding.