Birders News

Date: 01-11-2021


Written by: Pavel Simeonov, regarding partner: The Other Corner Resort

Birdwatching Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is verily a bird watching hotspot and a paradise for bird lovers. It is home to around 460 recorded bird species, 203 migrants and also it boasts of having 34 endemic species and 68 endemic subspecies of birds with a species endemism of 11% making it one of the finest birding destinations in the world. Birdlife International recognizes Sri Lanka as one of the world’s best endemic bird areas and as well, it acts as a winter destination and breeding ground for lots of migratory birds. Being situated in the tropics, Sri Lanka is enriched with congenial climatic conditions and extraordinary biodiversity of divers landscapes in which make an attraction for many species of birds. From the end of October until April, one could see all, including the migratory species to experience something magical in the island.

We are happy to announce that Sri Lanka is now opened up for tourists who are fully vaccinated and having a negative PCR report obtained 72 hours prior to boarding the flight. For such tourists, there is no need for a PCR or any quarantine procedures on arrival. They are free to commence their tour as planned. Further we 'Starron Tours' are proud to announce we have been certified as a 'Safe & Secure Tour Operator' by the SLTPB (Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau).

Birding and Photo Tours are organised on request.