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Date: 14-04-2020

EU study on COVID-19 and protected area tourism

Written by: Paul Goriup

In the framework of a study financed by the EU on "Wildlife economy: sustainable tourism in protected areas", the World Commission on Protected Areas (International Union for Conservation of Nature) want to understand the impact of COVID-19 on wildlife tourism in protected areas, considering the impact on protected areas, businesses and local communities.  

To do so, they have a set of 40 questions for those offering accommodation, tours, services and activities in protected areas to visitors. The questionnaire should only take 20-25 minutes to complete.

The study will allow them to compare the period before the crisis with now, and estimates for the foreseeable future.  They also ask about what kind of support might help (relating to the local value chains, and during different phases; conservation; business operations, policy interventions etc.) and on what terms these might work.
Individual responses will be held in confidence, and the results will be collated to motivate EU policy interventions globally.   
Kindly complete the form by Friday 24 April 2020 using 
this link or past the site into your internet browser: