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Date: 18-04-2019

Albena Sea Resort, Bed and Birding partner in Bulgaria

Written by: Krassimir Stanev, regarding partner: Hotel Arabella Beach

Albena Sea Resort

One of our Bed & Birding partners - Albena Sea Resort in northeastern Bulgaria - recently hosted a press conference concerning an important EU-funded project for the restoration and protection of Baltata Nature Reserve, which lies next to the resort.

Baltata supports rare stands of riparian mixed forests, which are protected under the EU Habitats Directive. These forests are home for a great variety of woodland birds, including Black Stork, Hawfinch, Semi-collared Flycatcher, several species of woodpeckers and some notable raptors such as Lesser Spotted Eagle and Levant Sparrowhawk.

Baltata Nature Reserve

Albena Sea Resort is pursuing a sustainability policy and plan for protecting the environment, in particular for its neighbouring nature reserve, which gives the resort its distinctive landscape. Albena joined Bed & Birding three years ago with two of its establishments – “Hotel Arabella Beach” and “Albena Beach Villa”. These accommodations are particularly well situated for observing the Via Pontica flyway migration of soaring birds, as well as for visiting the adjacent alluvial forest of course.