Manu Birding Lodge

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Country: Peru

Region: Madre de Dios, Manu National Park

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Manu Birding Lodge is located next to Manu National Park with the highest biodiversity of any protected area in the world. Situated on the Banks of the Madre de Dios River the lodge is attached to a private reserve with over 500 hectares of pristine Amazon rainforest. Our visitors are mainly birders, wildlife enthusiast and photographers … all assured a wonderful experience. 662 bird species have been recorded in the reserve and surrounding area, the total that may be seen during even a short stay inevitably being impressive. It would be impossible to overstate the magic of this Bed & Birding place featuring utterly stunning landscapes and a diversity of habitats, where Spectacled Bears and Cock-of-the-Rocks still exist free from disturbance. It is probably the best place in Amazonia to see the following hummingbird species: Festive Coquette, Reddish Hermit, Fork-tailed Woodnymph, White-chinned Sapphire, Black-eared Fairy, and Rufous-breasted Hermit, among others.


Manu Birding Lodge is situated very close to the world-famous macaw and parrot clay lick. To visit MBL is to experience one of the world's great wilderness areas where wildlife is still abounds: 11 species of monkey, 35 large mammals, 76 reptiles and 100 amphibians. The Madre de Dios River probably has more than 600 species of fish... The lodge provides a local, professional birding guide for visits to canopy towers, tapir and macaw clay licks, a hummingbird garden and two oxbow lakes frequented by Amazonian birds and Giant Otters. We are a handful of dedicated conservationists who have been involved with professional birding for many years. MBL is a small independent enterprise, privately financed and operated. Management of the lodge and rainforest is very much ‘hands-on’, dedicating our talents and personal resources into what we are doing; our driving force is conservation, not profit. We are committed to the challenge of forest conservation and the running of a fine lodge, returning profits to the land.


Manu Birding Lodge consists of 10 double rooms, each with private flush-toilet and shower facility. Hot and cold water is always available and toilets facilities are modern.

* Please note that the English bird names on this site follow the American terminology. If you can't find a species name, try searching by Family or latin name.
Status key: B = breeding species; RB - rare breeding; W = winter only; V - vagrant; RV = rare vagrant; TM - trans-migrant; In - introduced

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